Ian is a committed DJ, having a career that spans four decades of broadcasting in Bahrain. He started in the library in the late seventies and worked his way up to becoming one of the most respected radio DJ’s in the Gulf.

Over this time he has put his hand to virtually all aspects of radio work. He has Broadcast a regular show five days a week on Radio Bahrain, organizing competitions on and off radio, and gone outside to cover major events, setting up outside broadcasts from sites as diverse as the Exhibition center, Hidd Beach for the Raft Race, the Rugby Club and the new Bahrain International Circuit.

Ian has also studied the management side of radio, he also takes a keen interest in advertising and, after studying the craft of radio advertising for more than five years is becoming adept at scripting commercials and consulting with clients to get the maximum benefit for their advertising dinar on radio, a very underutilized medium.

Ian’s musical tastes are wide and varied. Born in the sixties he tends to favour rock music from the late sixties and the seventies. However this does not blinker him to good music from any age or origin. He has a passing knowledge of Jazz, having worked with a Jazz musician for two years on numerous projects. His knowledge of popular music is bordering on encyclopedic and he can often advise on music selection. If it was a hit in the UK over the last forty years, Ian has probably heard it, and can often find a copy, even if it is still on vinyl. There are few types of music that Ian does not actively like. He has gone on record many times saying that Country music is not a favourite, though if requested, he would naturally play an odd track. Some of the modern Trance (and similar) leaves him cold since he finds it monotonous. Over the years Ian has worked clubs and mobile discos, but has given up the live work for the world of radio advertising which now holds more appeal. He now does not confess to be in touch with the club scene, but can hold his own on modern popular music.

Ian also is very much involved in live music.  Working with a promoter in Bahrain, Ian has been part of many of the very successful live concerts that have been performed in the Kingdom over the last ten years.  He would welcome more involvement of the private sector in promoting live music.  To this end he has been involved in the ‘Battle of the Bands’ for most of it’s tenure, on the judging side.

Outside the radio, Ian teaches English as a Foreign Language and works at radio advertising. This leaves very little time for anything else. He enjoys travel and has visited most of the GCC countries, and has ventured as far afield as Peru and Mexico to the West and Thailand and Malaysia in the East.

Sport for Ian is confined to an armchair activity. Since having a hectic work schedule, activities such as running with the local Hash House Harriers running club, playing squash and waterskiing have been relegated. At one point Ian was among the top five barefoot skiers in Bahrain. Mind you, there WERE only five barefoot skiers in Bahrain at the time. Ian follows motorsport and was fortunate to cover the inaugural Bahrain Grand Prix for Radio Bahrain as an outside broadcast. He does have a passion for motorcycles and can often be seen turning up to events on a bike of one sort or another.

One event that requires such a mode of transport to cover is the Bahrain Marathon Relay, a charity run featuring over 60 teams. This event, organized by the Bahrain Round Table, covers the whole island and the best way of getting from one stage to another to cover the event is by motorbike. Ian is a member of the Bahrain Round Table (since 1987) and has contributed to the event and charities in Bahrain throughout this time.

Aside from work, sport and travel, Ian enjoys good food and good company. He is a member of the Chaine des Rotisseurs gourmet society and enjoys dining at many of the excellent restaurants in the Kingdom.