Krazy Kevin was born at a very early age in a quaint little English fishing village called Oldham.  He was abandoned as an infant and left floating in a basket amongst the rushes.  Fortunately he was found by a family of Hyenas and then reunited with his parents as a toddler little the worse for wear.

He moved to the Las Vegas of Europe (Blackpool) in his teens, and was inspired by the fast city life and bright city lights to his dreams of stardom.  This influenced Kevin to follow in the footsteps of great DJ’s such as Sir Jimmy Saville and Terry Wogan.

So began Kevin’s meteoric rise to stardom.  Early in his career Kevin performed in such salubrious establishments as the Harbour Working Mens Club in Sunderland and the Tow-bar Caravan Park in Egremount, Cumbria.

Eventually Kevin was spotted whilst working in venues around Cambridge and was entered into the “UK DJ of the Year” Contest.  To his Mums surprise and delight he WON.  Then to make her REALLY happy he was voted “UK Personality DJ of the Year” two years running.

The world was now Kevin’s oyster.  He travelled the globe working in Italy, Germany, Iceland, Holland, Hong Kong and Dubai.  Finally Kevin (who was now known to all as “Krazy”) found his niche … in Bahrain … the Pearl of the Gulf.

Soon after arriving in Bahrain Kevin began working for Radio Bahrain (He was 'spotted' whilst DJing at various establishments and asked to audition).  Kevin started off working that most popular of shifts; 6-9am on Friday Mornings. 

Kevin had never seen that time of day before however he decided it was quite all right.  After all there was very little traffic.  He at first covered for all the other DJ's lots of times when they needed time off and was eventually asked to present the weekday 'Breakfast Show'. 

Kevin enjoys the daily interaction with his listeners and feels he is honoured to have had this chance.  He loves doing Radio and especially enjoys talking to the melting pot of individuals that reside in Bahrain.  The diverse international mix is something that he had not experienced before and finds very rewarding.