He first walked into the radio station in July 1993. With this first step started a journey into the world of music. Bahraini DJ Khalid Bokhammas is one of the stations DJ’s whose voice is familiar to many and his smile also appeared on television through the daily programme In Focus. Enthrilled by music, Khalid shares the experience with his listeners during his weekly show The Evening Shade that goes live on air on Monday evenings from 6pm to 9pm.  Listeners enjoy an hour of international music wherein he plays special hits, creating a homely atmosphere for those away from home and missing their own music.

Khalid's Friday mornings are also not spent sleeping the show “Sunny Side Up” is brought to listeners from 9am to noon.  Whether starting your day by going fishing, doing shopping, visiting friends and family or just relaxing at Home on Friday, you do feel you have company since a familiar voice joins you from nine in the morning..

During his live shows, Khalid also shares with listeners light stories that bring a smile to their faces and sometimes also leaves them wondering how funny the world is.

But life does not stop at that for Khalid since during the past three months, his music has reached listeners on Thursday evenings through the Thursday night on “Planet Energy”.  If you miss him on Monday, he is there on Thursday and if you miss him on Thursday, make sure you wake up early on Friday.