Mohamed Rumaihi    Groove Zone (Sat) & (Thur) 18.00 till 21.00

Born in Hoora at home by the sea (before land reclamation) on the 3rd of August.

Went to primary school in Um-Alhassam, Elementary in Qudaibia, Secondary at Manama Commercial and finished school in 1980.

That same year went to Westcliff-on-Sea to study English as a foreign language than in 1981 went to Scotland for higher education.

1987 he returned to a much different Bahrain then the one he left, joined Radio Bahrain as a trainee DJ in November of the same year.

On a Tuesday afternoon 5th July 1988, Radio Bahrain listeners were introduced to this new part-time Scottish DJ with the funny name "Mohamed Rumaihi" and it was a shock to many to learn much later that he was a Bahraini DJ with a Scottish accent.

In September 1988, Mohamed Rumaihi moved to Saturday nights 6 till 9pm, that's when he introduced a 25 minutes of Motown Special just after 7pm and of course football results from England and Scotland at 7.30 British summer time or 8.30 Otherwise which he continues to present till this day. Listeners also heard news on his favorite club in the universe "Celtic" (hence the colour of this page).

On the 1st April 2002, as one of the first Bahraini DJ's, Mohamed Rumaihi joined Radio Bahrain full time as the DJ's Supervisor and has been working since on improving Radio Bahrain services on and air and now on-line.